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Low Cost Manufacturers of Flight Simulators and Flight Trainers for Commercial Aircraft

Flight Simulator Products

All 2FlyPlanes advanced Trainers and Simulators are built to high specifications and using the latest production methods. Our Flight Simulators are designed for 24/7/365 usage with minimal maintenance and support requirements. We do offer a 12 month manufacturers guarantee as standard, as well as maintenance contracts tailored to customer requirements
Significant investment on a continual basis is made by 2FlyPlanes, as well as ongoing Product development by our dedicated team of pilots and engineering professionals.
Our advanced Trainers/Simulators are manufactured to conform to the internationally recognized European JAR STD. Indeed they exceed the JAR STD 3A FNPT II MCC qualification as they have full motion capability.
As trainers/simulators our products can be used for:


  1. CPL
  2. IR
  3. MCC
  4. MPL
  5. EFIS training
  6. FMS training
  7. TCAS training
  8. Jet transition training
  9. Ab initio training
Flight Simulator


Further the 2FlyPlanes trainers/simulators can allow (dependent on local aviation authority regulations): 50% Type Rating, one recurrent training, single annual check (50% of JAR yearly training requirement)
With all the above the 2FlyPlanes advanced trainers/simulators can easily be integrated into Airline, FTO, Flight School training programs. Additionally they can be useful to Universities and Colleges offering Aviation courses as practical teaching aids.


Advanced Trainer/Simulator Product Details
The 2FlyPlanes Advanced Trainers/Simulators based on the Boeing 737NG, Airbus A320 or A340 all have the below features in common:

  1. Exact replica of aircraft cockpit with all displays accurately presented i.e. type specific as opposed to generic trainer/simulator
  2. All aircraft systems operational
  3. Frontal visual system with wide view
  4. Static or with 3dof or 6dof motion
  5. Depending on customer requirement we can configure additional seating, instructor station location etc
  6. Manufactured to comply with JAR STD
  7. High fidelity product allied with low cost ensuring quick and acceptable ROI for FTO’s
  8. All allied with best in class pre and post sales support

Simulator Controls

Additional features/benefits:

Dual and independent MCDU sets Optimal for MCC ( multi crew co-operataion) operation - computer navigation system and procedures fully simulated
Dual & independent captain & first officer primary flight display and navigation display MCC operation - crew training - level test
Configurable display system Customer selection - single or multiple flat monitor configuration (for intensive use). Or projectors
Upgradeable computer & software system (pc based system) Profitability of investment
Instructor station Precise simulation of flight, weather, failure condition, weight balance, turbulences, positioning system

Customizable motion platform 3 or 6 dof. Adaptable to new configuration / air frame - 2/3/4 seats. Static versions also manufactured
Very realistic feel of flying Due the parametrization of platform and fidelity of actuators (pedals, flight controls, thottles)
Affordable cost Quality parts, low price. High level of simulation, using mostly standard industrial elements
Low cost maintenance Easy to maintain and operate
Easy to move and install Low size parts (compared with level D simulators)
Safe, professional power system (UPS) Emergency and failure control, without platform dropping, or personal injury
Worldwide navigation charts Every world airport simulated. Approach , Standard Instrumental Departures (sid) & Standard arrivals (stars) procedures. Runway procedures (taxi…etc)

Customizable real world scenery (high quality visual representation) Real environment simulation (geography, radio aids, navigation aids, traffic simulation.
Weather, day/night, temperature, rain,

Day/night, temperature, rain, snow, wind, cross wind, wind shear, turbulence (all levels, all condition))

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